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The “80/20 Rule” And Why It’s The Most Important Part Of Trading For Consistent Profits…

From: Dr. Jeff Wilde
Wilmington, Delaware
Saturday 7:01 am

Subject: The 80/20 Trading Rule

Dear Fellow Traders & Action Takers,

Everyone pursuing financial freedom through trading the financial market starts by trying to find the “Perfect Strategy”.

In other words, they’re looking for something that will avoid losses as much as possible and provide an edge that allows consistent profits.

So in the beginning, you can’t be profitable until you have a software or strategy that provides a mathematical edge but…

After this point the 80/20 Trading Rule kicks in…

What this means is that 80 percent of your success will be determined by your mindset and 20% on your strategy.

I know you may find this hard to believe so let’s take a closer look at the realities of trading…

It’s because in the “Heat Of The Trading Battle” where real money is at risk, fear and doubt creeps in and… Having a “Winner’s Mindset” will ultimately determine your success or lack of.

Please understand that I’m not talking just about “Positive Thinking” so let me explain…

Let’s look at 5 traders who are using the exact same strategy and all just got a buy signal for the GBP/USD.

Trader 1: This trader is very nervous as they had 2 previous losses and as a result second guesses the buy signal and decides not to take it. They feel like a loser as they didn’t have the courage to take the trade. This creates even more doubt and second-guessing with future trades.

Trader 2: This trader is also a bit nervous as they had 2 previous losses and as a result is hesitant to jump in so they wait for extra confirmation. They end up with a late entry which means they got in 15 pips later than if they had just followed the rules. They do end up profitably but could have added another 15 pips if they jumped in swiftly.

Trader 3: This trader jumps in and doesn’t worry about the 2 previous losses but… After the trade initially goes 15 pips in their favor, it back off and goes negative 10. At this point trader 3 gets nervous and bails out in the fear that it may keep going against them. Keep in mind they didn’t come close to hitting their initial stop which was 35 pips away. They end up negative 10 pips. Trader 3 is so frustrated and kicking themselves for the way they screwed up the trade.

Trader 4: This trader jumps in and doesn’t worry at all about the 2 previous losses and is more relaxed about the trade and doesn’t sweat it when the trade initially goes negative 10 pips. Their patience is rewarded as the trade now goes up 35 pips quickly and then stalls out for a few minutes. Trader 4 gets a bit concerned and starts to micro-manage the trade and decides to bail out with the current profits versus risking a sell off. The end result is plus 35 pips. While this trader is happy that they made some decent profits, they’re disappointed with the fact that they couldn’t hang in there until the strategy said to get out.

Trader 5: This trader jumps in is cool, calm and focused and determined to follow the strategy to a tee and let the money management take them out. In addition, this trader never worries about losses as they know it’s just the “Cost Of Doing Business”. The trade works beautifully as it nets 75 pips. This trader has a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment because they know they did what they needed to do and stuck to the plan regardless of what the market threw at them. As an added bonus, their spouse and friends are really impressed at what they’ve accomplished.

In the end, there were 5 traders all taking the same signal using the same strategy, yet ended up with vastly different results!

You see, when either the threat of loss or the desire to make money fast is present, fear and greed can kick in. This in turn can high-jack your emotions and cause the inability to follow the system as prescribed.

It’s like drinking too much alcohol and then getting into a car to drive. No matter how hard you try, you’ll be seriously impaired and have a very hard time keeping the car on the road and not crashing.

The bottom-line in trading is that your emotions can seriously impair your judgement resulting in poor and costly decisions.

This is why as I said, 80 percent of your success will be determined by your mindset.

I’ve worked with 1000’s of traders since 1999 and seen talented traders with rock-solid strategies fall apart due to a loss of emotional control.

They started making careless errors, over-trading, became too aggressive and failed to follow the rules.

With this in mind, I’ll be holding a 2 day online boot camp called “Mind Over The Markets” which will help ensure that you don’t self-sabotage all you hard work and cause your desire for financial Independence to vanish into thin air.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

1. Learn to quickly see the red flags that tell you you’ve lost control of your trading and how to stop this in it’s tracks.

2. Fear and greed can destroy your account within weeks if you don’t know how to do this…

3. Simple techniques to help you stay calm and focused even though your feeling nervous and unsure what to do.

4. Discover my Go To Ritual that helps me be a “Fearless Trader” when the pressure is on.

5. Learn 3 powerful strategies to help you quickly regroup after a string of painful losses.

6. Second-guessing is the path to mediocre results and I’ll show you the fastest way around this.

7. Trading is “Survival Of The Fittest” so you need to get tough real quick. Use this one trick…

8. My 4 trading mentors have more than 90 years of combined experience and I’m going to share their strategies for having a professional mindset. Without this, you don’t stand a chance in the long run…

9. Fear of losing money is the reason most traders fail so we’re going to deal with this head on. It’s the only way.

10. I’ll show you “The Trading Mirror Technique” which will help you overcome your mental and emotional sticking points.

11. You need to have a clear mind without distractions and I’ll show you my 5 top ways to do this.

12. Discover how to have complete confidence even when you’re scared and unsure what to do next.

13. How to turn fear into you top trading asset.

14. Use my “Franchise Trading Strategy” to ensure you do all the right things at the right time.

15. What to do when your on a big winning streak. This will surprise you…

16. Discover how your “Croc-Brain” is negatively effecting all your trading analysis and decisions.

17. So you want to make $500 to $1000 a day or more? Well to make the big money you need to trade big lots which involves way more risk. I’ll show you how to scale up your account without being a nervous wreck on each trade.

18. Save 1000’s of dollars by no longer feeling the need to buy the latest fad in trading software and systems.

19. How to avoid the dreaded “Analysis Paralysis”.

20. And much more…

After the 2 Online classes you’ll…

  • Have much greater confidence in your ability to trade.
  • Be more calm and relaxed even in the face of losses.
  • No longer face doubt and second-guessing about yourself or your system.
  • Boost your trading accuracy. Increase winners and decrease losers.
  • Have a blueprint to help prevent avoidable costly errors.
  • Helps strip away fear and stress.
  • Will help boost your trading performance regardless of the strategy you use.
  • Trading will be easier because you’ll no longer be distracted by out of control emotions.
  • Have a new game-plan so that no matter what the market throws at you, you’ll be prepared.
  • Develop the winning mindset of professional traders and athletes.

As I said, successful trading is based on the 80/20 rule and it’s absolutely a vital part of your success.

To ensure everyone gets to take advantage of this information I’m making it available at a very “Wallet Friendly” price of just $97.

If you can’t make the live classes no worries as everything will be recorded. You’ll have life-time access to the workshop videos and can view at anytime in a private members area.




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