Los Angeles
Sunday, November 28, 2021


If we haven’t had the opportunity to meet let me introduce myself…

My name is Jeffrey Wilde aka “Dr. Jeff” and in my former life I was a Doctor of Chiropractic. At one time I ran 3 offices in Australia and then one in the US.

In the USA, I was working 12 hour days, five to six days a week and quite frankly was sick and tired of the treadmill I was on. Even worse was being stuck in a car for 2 hours each day while enduring 98 miles of mind numbing traffic.

It was sucking my soul dry!

This was very hard to admit since I spent $90,000 on tuition and 8 years earning my degree. On top of that nearly $100,000 to setup my office. The sad truth is that even though I had a career that could earn a 6 figure income a year paycheck…

I was miserable and it just wasn’t enough!

Well thankfully fate stepped in as I received a 38 page brochure in the mail that told me about the huge sums of money that could easily be made trading commodity futures in things like corn, coffee and cocoa. Heck I loved all those things so I thought, “How hard could it be?”

I was so excited and thought that I would be a millionaire within 2 years!

I hugged my wife and we jumped up and down full of hope and excitement about this amazing new life we were getting into.

Finally we would have the freedom and life-style we truly wanted…

Well, I wish I could say I was a “Wall Street Whiz” but…

The truth is I found trading was a whole lot harder than the brochure said. During my first 5 years I placed 100’s of real money trades and would get my account up about $500 to $2000 and then give it all back. This happened over and over and over again and…

I was constantly going from a state of euphoria when I was winning to a state of absolute despair when I was losing.

This left me emotionally drained and it seemed like that no matter how many high priced systems or software I bought, making consistent profits was elusive.

To add the ultimate blow to my trading, my wife walked out on me as she was sick and tired of me year after year not being able to make this work. You see, she worked full time as I chased the trading dream and despite telling her every other week that I was close and was going to make this work… It just didn’t come together with any consistency.

Fortunately my best quality is “Bull-headed determination” and I refused to give up so…

I made myself a deal that I would spend 1 last year reviewing the 130 plus programs, systems, books and trading software I bought and see if there was a missing piece that could finally make this work and… If it didn’t work I would be an adult and get back into the real world and pick up my practice in health care. The bottom-line is that if I didn’t make it work I had to return to the “Rat Race” so…

I had plenty of inspiration to say the least!

My big aha moment came when I realized that simplicity was the key and not in having some complicated software or “Proprietary trading indicator setting”.

Like a mad scientist I keep trying things and throwing out everything that didn’t give me a mathematical advantage over the markets.

To keep a long story short, my simple little strategy did work and started giving me the consistency I was desperately looking for. Make no mistake I still had losing trades but… I was no longer on the frustrating path I was on earlier.

Over time some friends and family asked me to share what I was doing so I created a 97 page manual and some videos to guide them and the rest as they say is history…

Since 2003 I’ve written 5 books on trading and taught over 14,000 students in more than 73 countries. I love sharing my knowledge and I’ve found by accident that mentoring others actually helped me become a more profitable trader.

In addition I’ve been a partner with Nikos Mermigas at the Spartan Trader Forex Academy from 2013 to 2018 where we created dozens of live workshops and trading courses together. {Please note that Nikos passed away November 5. 2018 and for obvious reasons sadly no longer working with Spartan Forex.}

For much of my life I’ve lived in Los Angeles California but… Fate stepped in as my mother was diagnosed with cancer and father was going through major heart problems so I made the decision to be with them and help in anyway I can. When I don’t have my head buried in the trading charts, I can be found traveling the world, jogging through the state park behind my house or sipping strong espressos at the local cafe.

I like to be upfront and tell my clients that trading isn’t an easy game, but what I can do is show what works and how to save a ton of wasted time and effort.

The bottom-line is all my setbacks, mistakes, hard work and experience will pay off for you.

They will give you a clear path to help achieve your financial goals.

If I knew then what I know now, my life would have been very different as I could have avoided a divorce and the constant financial worries.

It’s my true desire that you never have to experience all the pain, setbacks and frustration that I had to endure…

I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Yes, You Can Do It! – “Dr. J”