Market Mentor Program Intro

Work With Me 1 on 1 And Jump-Start 2019!

Have you ever been in your car and all of a sudden realized there was a very angry bee frantically flying around?

Often you’ll see that it keeps trying to escape out through the front windshield only to be met by defeat.

Because you don’t want to get stung, you open the windows as quickly as possible to let the flying intruder out but…

It keeps trying to escape out the front even though it’s clearly not working.

The solution is simple to us, but to the bee, it’s completely oblivious that there is an easier and quicker way to solve the problem.

The same thing goes with trading…

The average trader will spend thousands on a hard drive full of books, videos and training programs as they attempt to figure out how to trade on their own.

Even after hundreds of hours of self-study they find out that trading is nowhere as easy as they thought. This leads to major frustration and in the end they are frantically hitting their head against the windshield trying to find a solution.

Little do they know that just some simple tweaks at the right time can make the difference between living in “The Penthouse or The Poor House”.

It’s vital to understand that knowledge without wisdom is simply data. Wisdom is knowing what to do with the data. This is why a trader with 50 strategies on their hard-drive still struggles to make 20 pips a day.

There is a much better way to become a consistent trader and that’s where having the right mentor can make all the difference…

According to a business study, 80% of CEO’s credited their success to having a mentor. Everyone from Bill gates to Warren Buffet to Oprah Winfrey to Mother Teresa to Richard Branson credit their success to having a mentor.

Look at any sports team and you’ll see a whole lot of coaches that provide constant support and guidance to give the player and team an edge. You would never not see this because coaches with expertise are an invaluable part of the equation for winning.

In a nutshell, getting freedom, control, and consistency in your trading comes down to having these 2 things:

*The right tools
*The right mentors
*My 20+ years of trading and coaching traders will help you to get unstuck at whatever plateau you’re at.

With me looking over your shoulder every step of the way you’ll have all the tools and strategies you need to quickly move higher up the success ladder. (Best of all you don’t need to spend anywhere as long as I have.)

There’s a catch… You must be willing to let go of the old way of trading and embrace the new way. You must also have a strong worth ethic and sincere desire to do whatever it takes.

To be very clear, this isn’t about getting rich quick but all to do with a “Trading Blueprint” that can help provide consistency year after year.

One last thing…

Unlike many other mentor programs, you won’t be pawned off to a student of their’s. You get me only and all my years of experience.

So if you want to make changes in your life, click the button below to explore my Market Mastery Mentor Programs.

If you like what you see and are ready to “Up Your Game” then email me and we can chat on skype to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

There’s no “catch” here and certainly no pressure to do anything you don’t want to do.

The choice is yours, sometimes all you need is a little perspective and a kick in the right direction.

Dr. Jeff