Los Angeles
Thursday, January 27, 2022


Episode 5: How To Get Out Of a Trading Rut

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and keep second-guessing your decisions?

Rest assured your not alone!

This short podcast will help you blast out of any plateaus or ruts you’re hitting so that can start making more money.


Episode 4: How To Avoid Getting Crushed By The Markets

So often people invest in markets and things they really don\’t know much about and this can lead to losing a fortune. It tends to happen when there is a “Bubble Investment” like Bitcoin where there is a frenzy to get rich.

This podcast will teach you how to avoid losing much more than your shirt so that you don\’t become a victim of following the herd.

The principles apply to all markets like bitcoin, art, forex, classic cars, the latest bio-tech stock, gold etc…

This a must listen to 10 minute episode that can help you keep level headed and focused when everyone else is swept away in the investment hype and euphoria.


Episode 3: Tell You Boss To Shove It!

So many traders fail because they have unrealistic expectations. These in turn cause a chain reaction of bad decisions and wasting a lot of time and money in the process.

This short podcast episode will tell you exactly how to avoid the pitfalls that so many traders fall into. As a result you\\’ll find that you keep busting through old plateaus.. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN:

Episode 2:  The Only Proven Way To Get Really Good At Trading

Traders waste years doing the wrong things and wonder why they keep banging their heads against the wall trying to become consistent.  This 9 minute podcast will get you on the right path so that you stop wasting time and money. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN:

Episode 1:  The Holy Grail of Trading Systems – Does It Exist?

Discover how I found the perfect strategy and how it opened my eyes to the real world of making money as a professional trader. This audio is just 6 minutes long but contains a powerful message that my coaching clients have said saved them a lot of problems. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: