If you made 2021 goals and already feel like things aren’t moving along here’s some ideas to get your moving again…

Procrastination is arguably the biggest killer of our hopes and dreams that we face. Whether it comes to our decisions as traders, in business, for our health etc…

We procrastinate for one simple reason. We don’t clearly see the consequences of constantly saying, “I’ll start the diet tomorrow”.

Imagine if you had a time machine that could show you a movie of what your life COULD have been, you would be in absolute awe and shock. Now take a moment to visualize a few years ago when you decided to go on that diet or start working out at the gym, you actually had done it (and stuck to it).

What would your body look like today?

I bet it would look amazing and you’d be feeling so proud strutting around in the new and improved you. Imagine if a few years ago when you had decided to read more and study how to make more money, you actually had done it (and stuck to it).

What would your bank account look like today? I’m sure you would have a lot fatter bank balance. Unfortunately there isn’t as machine to show us the parallel universe of what our life would look look like if we hadn’t procrastinated but…

The cool things is that our brains are powerful enough to do a kind of 3D holographic projection for us. Take a moment to think of someone you admire, someone with the kind of partner you would like, someone in better shape, someone making lot’s of money, someone really happy and together and imagine if their life was yours.
The next step is to take a deep breath and summon the courage and make the leap.

I guarantee the big difference between them and you is they didn’t procrastinate as much as you have.

I know this exercise may be a bitter pill to swallow as it makes us face the ways we’ve let ourselves down but…

Use that realization to get your life back on track. One in which you are in control…

It’s been said the only difference between most multi-millionaires and everyone else is that millionaires actually DO the things everyone else knows they should be doing.”

Now it’s not rocket science and it’s not magic.

Just understand that successful people just do the simple things over and over again. Also keep in mind this mean doing the small tedious things that can be uncomfortable and a pain in the ass.

So here’s a little “magic formula” to start making changes that over time will create the life you’ve secretly hoped for…

Warning! No procrastination doing this. 🙂

All you need to do is twice a week go through a projection of all the amazing things you have missed out in life so far because of procrastination.

It only need take 5 minutes or so. The trick is to see it in as much detail as you can and to really feel the pain
and discomfort of what you’ve missed out on.

The first time I did this at a self-improvement workshop and I have to admit that I became very emotional and shed some quiet tears. While this may be painful, it will be the “Cosmic Kick In The Ass” to get you out of bed when you feel like being lazy.

The second part of this exercise is to spend a few minutes seeing in vivid detail what your life will look and feel
like if you do take massive action each day. How much more happiness will you feel knowing that you are one of the people that take action and make things happen?

This may seem too simple but, it will change your life.

To paraphrase the Nike commercial… “Just get off the couch and do it now!”

I hope this opens your eyes and gives you hope and a clearer path to achieving what you want in life.

Make it happen!

Dr. Jeff

Since 2003 I’ve written 5 books on trading and taught over 14,000 students in more than 73 countries. I love sharing my knowledge and I’ve found by accident that mentoring others actually helped me become a more profitable trader.