Stop Using Lagging Indicators And
Ineffective Worn Out Strategies!

'3D Adaptive Trading Technology' Can Give You The Edge in 2020 And Beyond...

How many trades will I get a week?

Depends on amount of pairs, time frames and amount of time you spend.

How much can I make?

This is not an automated signal service that fires off the exact same trade in everyone’s account. The amount you will make will be a reflection of the above and whether you stay in trades properly. Market range size and volatility will also have a big impact.

How long will it take to learn?

The video training is 8 hours but the more times you go over it the more you’ll learn. Also your market experience will affect your learning curve. Keep in mind that you’ll be a way better trader after 3 months of use and even better after 6 months etc...

Can I really trade any market?

Yes you can trade any financial product that your MT4 broker provides. Keep in mind that this will vary from broker to broker. Metals, oil, indexes, currencies, stocks and bitcoin are common for non-USA brokers to offer.

What’s so unique about this?

There’s no other program out there that has this combination of indicators and strategies. In addition it’s the only one that can trade all the 8 market moves that I mentioned earlier. Also keep in mind it utilizes 3 leading indicators versus the lagging ones that 99% of traders use.

Do you have a monthly subscription plan?

No I don’t for 2 reasons… First, keep in mind that this isn’t just a set of indicators that you’re gaining access to. A critical part of this working for you is to have in depth training so that you know how to gain the best results possible. (Remember the chainsaw!) Second, In my experience people who go month to month rarely stick around long. They tend to be dabblers running from one strategy to the next. I prefer to work with traders willing to commit 100%.

Why are you releasing this program and software?

Every smart business person leverages their skills, knowledge and talent. Imagine if Jeff Bezos of Amazon only stuck to selling books? Also the money I make helps offset the hundreds and hundreds of hours of development time and cost. Finally I’ve found that coaching traders makes me a better traders because… I have to always be thinking on how to make things more effective, stream-lined and easy to use.

What if too many people start using this, will it affect the performance?

First I won’t be selling thousands of copies, so if over the next couple years a couple hundred people are using this it won’t put a dent in the market. Also remember that no 2 traders will be taking all the same trades at the same time.

Do you have a demo version of the software?

Please keep in mind when you signup for this program your not just buying software. The indicators just make up about 25% of the whole package. To get the most out of the indicators you must have proper coaching so that you maximize the various strategies. For this reason no demos are available.

How many accounts can I use this with?

You can install on three MT4 accounts. They can be demo or live accounts or a combination of both.

Can I share with my trading partner?

The only people you can share with would with a spouse or children living in the same home If you would like to give your trading partner access let us know and we can give you a discount on a separate account for them.

Is the best for day trading or swing trading?

You can day trade, swing trade and even do scalp trading. The only thing that changes would be the time frames used.

Can this be used with Renko charts?

Yes it can be used with renko bars, range bars and tick charts.